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Hydrogen Tech strives to be the leader in Hydrogen Hybrid Technology as well as focusing on positively impacting the environment with our Clean Energy Solutions and Emission Reduction Devices. Hydrogen tech is focused on renewable energy and doing our part to amend the environment, providing innovative technology to create greater fuel efficiency as well as emission reductions. Our Hydrogen generator technology is designed to fulfill emerging hydrogen fuel demands in the mobile and industrial industries. This worldwide need and demand will continue to grow for years to come. Our Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection technology can be retro-fitted to trucks, locomotives and most automobile engines. There is absolutely NO need for any corporation or consumer to be concerned if a hydrogen fill station is located in their area because our technology runs on distilled water. After the water is separated into Hydrogen and Oxygen using an electrolysis process powered by the car battery, it is injected back into the automobiles engine. The burned hydrogen fuel reverts back to clean water vapor instead of a green house gas. Compare the difference and trust you will recieve the highest quality HHO cells backed by an industry leading 5 year warranty.

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Hydrogen Tech has every thing you need to increase your fuel economy. Gas prices are high and are not going to get lower any time soon, so save money while saving the environment. Automobile manufacturers claim that their hybrid vehicles save the environment, but the batteries they use cause more polution than the gas they would have burned if they were not hybrids. Turn your car into a hydrogen hybrid and do more than just save money on gas. Save the environment and save costs on future engine maintenance. Our Dry Cell Hydrogen Hybrid Systems use HHO to improve the efficiency of your engine, and we have a kit that fits your vehicle.